The Stories in February...

hmm...long time didnt update with my blog
here to share some of my life stories in February....

Start from :

Valentine Day (14_Feb_2011)

5 of us - Me,CK,Li Ting, Xin lei & Colour, 
we rented a car from 7pm,
going around the whole nite till the next early morning,
having our dinner at "Twin Sisters" cafe,
went hospital to visit a coursemate, 
went to Sungai Wang for oni about 25-30 minutes,
and been charged RM5 for the parking,
went to Equine Park to have supper,
went to a Persian Restaurant near the Mines apartment,
having a lovely & wonderful moments there,
writing down our wish on a balloon,
recorded our wishing process and 
let go the balloon together with a blessing heart !
we went to eat Dim Sum at Sri Petaling at 3am,
back home around 5am !! 
Quite crazy schedule but is was an interesting & memorable experience !  
Below are some of the pictures....

Colour : Become rich !
Li Ting: More independent & brave
Jnet: Relationship & Graduate smoothly
CK: Marry MT in 2015
Xin Lei: Forever with hubby

Chap Goh Meh (17_Feb_2011)

4 of us - Me, a friend & 2 of my housemates,
rented a car, 
drive to a cafe “小休亭”to have our Chap Goh Meh dinner.
After dinner, we dont know where to go;
so we just simply drive around,
went to a small "Fun Fair" near Balakong,
went in & came out after walked around inside...hehe! 
coz all the games inside are too childish,
suitable for kids not for the age like us...
then we drive around again to Sri Petaling,
then Equine Park,
thought to have drink there but mostly are full;
in the end,
we back to Serdang - Pitstop.
end up our nite there with some drinks & Uno ! 



Joining a camp -  进修营 organized by my church fellowship here.
Went to Golden Beach, Port Dickson.
This time the theme/ topic for the camp
is about "The End of the World" - 末世警讯
 Through the talk in the camp, 
once again, God remind us to be more alert,
well prepared with His words
the believes in Him.
Waiting Him with a peaceful & grateful heart! 
Enjoy all the moments during the camp!
More understanding about the World End through the Bible.
And once again,get the chance to have fun at the beach !
Went home at the midnite on 26/Feb 
coz have to go ladang in the next morning 
& teach dance on sunday afternoon. 

 The Camp Committee